• General Tips For Buying Vehicle Replacement Parts

    Vehicles are designed in such a way that components have a limited lifespan, after which they need to either undergo a maintenance routine or be effectively replaced with newer parts. This is true for everything, including the engine, transmission, suspension, electrical systems, and fluids. As a result of this, expect to change several parts of your vehicle during the period of time you are its owner. Even if your vehicle is sitting still, or you hardly ever drive it, these replacements need to be done in time for the vehicle to actually be in a driveable state.

    When buying new vehicle parts to replace your old ones, there are certain things you may want to keep in mind to ensure you don’t run into troubles or have to face several delays due to an inability to find what you need.

    Assess Whether You Need to Find a Replacement

    Some vehicle parts are expensive to purchase, and for that reason, you may want to look into ways to actually use them again after some repairs. Take the engine, for example. An engine swap is a major project which will take you a few weeks, not to mention the cost associated with the labor and the purchase price of the engine. Instead of that, an engine rebuild can be considered to save money and get your old engine running just as it was back when it left the factory.

    Know What You Need to Replace

    Some vehicle parts are assembled together to form a whole structure, but most of them can be taken apart separately when you need to replace them. Take for example the battery cable lugs terminals: you don’t have to replace the battery if the terminals are the only things that are malfunctioning. Just unscrew them and fit the ones to get your battery working once again.

    Shop Online

    Online shops are a great way to find rare parts, or just about anything you need, from wheels and rims to battery cables. The advantage of shopping online is the fact that you can also benefit from occasional discounts, get the parts delivered straight to your home or garage and being able to compare products of different manufacturers to decide which one is best for your needs.

    Ask Your Mechanic for Advice

    If you are not particularly knowledgeable about car parts, you may want to ask your mechanic for some advice before going off on your own to buy new parts. He should be able to give you a few tips and pointers on where to shop for those specific parts, what kind of prices they go for as well as provide you the addresses of a few places worth checking.

  • Fixing Common Car Problems

    Experiencing car problems will be inevitable, regardless of how well you maintain your vehicle. Certain components will eventually get worn away and will need replacement if your vehicle is to run in good condition. Here are a few ways you can fix most of your common car problems by yourself.

    Replacing engine air filter

    This is a very task to do by yourself. You don’t have to have a mechanic in Wondonga do it for you as it is not very difficult to handle yourself. To replace the air filter, you will first need to find out where it is located. This is usually located close to the engine of your car, so you will need to pop open your engine bonnet. To remove it, you will either need to unscrew it from its place or remove the clips to remove it from its place. To inspect the condition of the air filter you just need to shine a torch from behind the filter. If most of the light passes through, then it is not necessary to replace it just yet. However, if there is hardly any light that passes through it, it is time for a replacement.

    Replacing headlight bulbs

    Replacing your vehicle lamps is another simple procedure you can perform on your own. The only tricky part to this would be to identify the type of bulb that your vehicle uses. Once identified, you just need to pop open the protective casing of the lamp, and unscrew the old bulb. After this, you can simply just replace it with the new one to have them functioning again. You should test the lights to see if they do function correctly, before putting back the protective casing. If it isn’t functioning as intended, there may be a loose connection somewhere.

    Replacing your interior air filters

    Just like the engine air filter, this is also quite easy to do yourself. The filters are usually cleaned during your logbook servicing, so you may not need to perform this if they do an excellent job. If not, then you will need to first find out where the cabin filter is located so you can have it removed. This is usually located near the glove box in the more recent models, however in older models it may differ. For this reason, you should request that they print out a detailed instruction manual for you when you purchase the new filter. Visit this link http://www.jlperriautomotivewodonga.com.au/services/logbook-servicing for more info on logbook servicing Wodonga.

    These are three simple car repair procedures that you can do on your own. Doing so will save you a lot of money in the process.