What Skill Set Is Required To Be A Mechanic At A Car Service?

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A mechanic whose job is to specifically work on the repairs, maintenance and services of the car is known as the vehicle mechanic or automotive mechanic in burwood. This is the job which has market throughout the world since every automobile require maintenance and services, not only this but the car mechanics are able to earn better salaries and this salary increases with their qualification and experience. The growth and promotions are also good in this field and this is the reason many people want to pursue this profession but before you get into this you need to know the prerequisites and the skills you would be needing in order to perform better at this job.

Academic qualification:

Although in many places, there is not any requirement of some specific diploma or training in automotive but the employers usually require the basic education which include basic maths and English. In some cases, some employers may hire the mechanics without any education as long as they have good practical knowledge and abilities but this is usually given to the fresh mechanics under the age of 25 years since they can learn and train as they proceed in the field. If you happen to have some training or certification in the related field and have good education background, then this works as a plus in your job search and help you find better opportunities.

Skills required:

The car service mechanic must be familiar with the ins and outs of various of vehicles and must be familiar with the technologies used in the motor. He must also have very good communication skills since he needs to interact with the customers on daily basis and need to advise and suggest them with respect to the maintenance and service of their cars. He must be attentive and observant since he needs to work along with the team and must need to follow the instruction given by the senior mechanic. Most of the mechanic work is practical and therefore, the mechanic must be comfortable with the practicality of the tasks and since the job of the mechanic has long hours shift usually therefore, he must be physically fit and should have the stamina and capacity to work long hours.

Although most work of the mechanic could be done using hand tools but sometimes they also need to use power tools in order to repair and service the electronic parts of the car and therefore, he should be familiar with the use of the power tools and must always learn to improve. Since the automotive industries always launch new cars with new designs and mechanisms and therefore, the mechanic at the car service must be passionate about his work so that he keeps himself updated of the new technologies introduced in the new models.


The workplace of these is usually the car service in surrey hills garage where the total hours in the week is around 40.